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This essay was basically about a person who had a father that alcoholic and that effected his life. The story reinforce high alcoholism in the united states and which is challenge alcohol all together. Sanders mostly writes to aboved the dark that he is trying escape. He had his first drive atthe age of twenty two and had only half of glass. He always tried to stay away from parties. seems as if his father left a burden in him that is even scared to see alcohol.

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Hurricane Island and New England are coasts many problems as for source, and signal phrases. Nick, Taylor wrote about many W.PA projects in his book. American-Made, according to Taylor the Hurricane, “An editorial lauded the role of an admirably organized meteorological service in informing the world the about the approach” (Taylors 375). That is times many people are lost they property and they are lost treasures money in the States of the Long Island and New England. They are taking upon many lost lives of the Human being and there are lost very thing they have like, House, car, all of them.
There are simplify themselves, according Web site in essay the Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans are coast many problems houses, building, and all construction of the Cities that state and neighbors states. The New Oreland Historical society has a website that tells the story of Hurricane New Oreland project in state. According to this source, the Hurricane of the New Orland says, according to web site, Being an old port city, we have the original influence of the French, Spanish, and African-American that were here original” (judy walker -1) this is very bad any time and very years according to weather in very years.


It was really surprise when the Hurricane happened because the weather forecasters pronounced that the weather is good and people were enjoying lingering and enjoying during their warm seasonal, but unfortunately it was really bad Hurricane as it squeezed between two high-pressure systems of going at sixty mile an hour in south of Atlantic. The condition was too bad and it was getting worse as many people lost their home as the Hurricane reached Connecticut, Rhode island, and Massachusetts with no warning because there no communication as the Hurricane destroyed all the wires of phones, Radio and computers so people couldn’t pass to each other and effected and destroyed all the properties of the Society. The assistance of fire chief said “some of the houses just blew up like feathers.”
Hurricane Katrina’s impact on the economy and infrastructure, because people lose their lives, homes and properties so absolutely it made reduces the
Many different states represent an immediate concern to commercial enterprises,
Such as the policy .Understanding the severity of the damages
And the magnitude of the recovery efforts is important for both private and public
Decision makers and deploying resources in the affected area of making better to insist by given hand and I think that really good activity of Humine rights.

journal 8

the most interesting ideas that i found in the chapter was that the hurricane faced in the country while there was a lot of problem the country like economic cisises. so there were a lot people died and others lost theri homes also in page "382" says there were 260 dead in phone island with the body counting still rising and 10,000 homes had been destoryed or damaged but soon the WPA exist that time during roosevelt's terms were answered the hurricane and helped the people to rebuilt the regions and the cities spending about $25 million for almost most homes in the states that grapped the hurricane.
in page "376" i found some interesting that says "one man drowned when he tried to swim from a swamped car near the queens water front at whitestone landing and two more were lost at Trogs Neck in the Bronx after rescuing residents from the rising water of long Island sound.

joournal 8

The most important thing is that WPA could spend $25 million rebuild the region and all damages the Hurricane Katrina and WPA in their fast-moving to cleanup roads, inside city, even the water that people needs and it seems that is most interesting fact that WPA proved On August 28th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the southern states of the United States with devastating effect and destroyed. It was killed that more than 1,800 people and more than $81 billion dollars in damages occurred. As a result, efforts to assist those affected by Hurricane Katrina still continue, as those affected by the terrible hurricane continue to work to regain the health and livelihood that they had before the storm. The resources below provide access to historical information related to the event that American people faced. So basically if there is no WPA I thing the government cannot solve alone the effected of the public.

hurricanes from berky

I think the most interesting idea in the reading is how some US citizens including WPA workers cleaned up the floods help thier fellow citizens after the hurricane disappeared. "The WPA, along with the Coastal Guard, the and navy, the CCC, and Red Cross, had feild agents headed to long Island and New England" (Taylor 379). WPA's workers and help the New England residents by restorations any necessary public facilities and roads."By Thursday night WPA and other lobarers were filling sandbags and loading them into trucks"(Taylor 380). This Idea is really awesome because if the citizens in any given nation don't help each other during a disasterous times, they would surely suffer.

In contrast, to residents in Lousianna which hit by Hurricane Katrinna, didn't recieve enough assistance. This hurricane form over Gulf of Mexica and strengthen rapidly 3 category when it land falls in eastsouth in Lousiana. Hurricanes is one of the deadliest and costliest hurricane ever in the history in the US. "At least 1,836 people lost their lives in the actual hurricane and in the subsequent floods, making it the deadliest U.S. hurricane since the 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane"(Wikipedea). More than one million persons had fled from Lousiann state specially New Orleans. Federal Government did'nt act swifly and so little work has done to evacute the resident.