Wednesday, March 4, 2009

journal 8

the most interesting ideas that i found in the chapter was that the hurricane faced in the country while there was a lot of problem the country like economic cisises. so there were a lot people died and others lost theri homes also in page "382" says there were 260 dead in phone island with the body counting still rising and 10,000 homes had been destoryed or damaged but soon the WPA exist that time during roosevelt's terms were answered the hurricane and helped the people to rebuilt the regions and the cities spending about $25 million for almost most homes in the states that grapped the hurricane.
in page "376" i found some interesting that says "one man drowned when he tried to swim from a swamped car near the queens water front at whitestone landing and two more were lost at Trogs Neck in the Bronx after rescuing residents from the rising water of long Island sound.

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