Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hurricane Island and New England are coasts many problems as for source, and signal phrases. Nick, Taylor wrote about many W.PA projects in his book. American-Made, according to Taylor the Hurricane, “An editorial lauded the role of an admirably organized meteorological service in informing the world the about the approach” (Taylors 375). That is times many people are lost they property and they are lost treasures money in the States of the Long Island and New England. They are taking upon many lost lives of the Human being and there are lost very thing they have like, House, car, all of them.
There are simplify themselves, according Web site in essay the Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans are coast many problems houses, building, and all construction of the Cities that state and neighbors states. The New Oreland Historical society has a website that tells the story of Hurricane New Oreland project in state. According to this source, the Hurricane of the New Orland says, according to web site, Being an old port city, we have the original influence of the French, Spanish, and African-American that were here original” (judy walker -1) this is very bad any time and very years according to weather in very years.

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