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intersting quote

"the federal government must and shall quit this business of relief" pr.Roosevelt
this quote which was in Roosevelt's annually speech to the congress seems to me more interesting because it supports that government's relief is not the solution of this long lasting problems. the president's whole speech was kind of energized one.
I also thought the killing bank robber and murder of at least ten men was very vital proceess.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

vocabulary from abdow

what is renovste?

renovate is restore to a previous or better condition; "They renovated the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

journal two from abdow

In chapter nine four million job s
In this chapter talks about how the jobs were created and the CWA helped American people
Hopkins had a conference the governors and mayors to intend and employ for 4 million people who were unemployed within one month so immediately they started jostling coast to coast in town and cities and then they started calling g by the people who were laid off to start drawing up improvement plans
In Massachusetts CWA coordinator called a meeting to explain what projects would be eligible the mayors of Worcester and Lowell walked applications and left the same day with approvals.
And the CWA reviewers processed applications with astonishing speed Indiana had 122 projects approved on November 20 and 109 more than next day so less than a week on November 26 920 projects had been approved for Indiana and 48,500 men were already at work there.
The CWA jobs were rejected tests so everybody applied and the beginning there were more applications than jobs the CWA office in North Carolina took 150,000 applications during the first week in Chicago 70,000 appeared on a single day within two weeks later one million workers were on the payroll and the Bureau of printing and Engraving had to work three shifts to print their checks so everybody who was a jobless at least got something to do and get pay

Monday, January 26, 2009

journal two

There are a lot of interesting parts that i gate in my reading, but there is a one thing that I enterest in my reading is how the president frank line Roosevelt through a way in 1932, that time all the American business are going down. So he began to grow up a new agencies that assisted business these measures revived the confident in the economy.however, he knew how to keep and to increase the economy life.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vocab By Abdi Adan

1.Remnants: Something left over; a remainder.
2. Apparatus: a group or combination of instruments, machinery, tools, materials.

New word

Inauguration - caleemasaar- All of these formed components of the relief plan Obama took the office of the Washington after the inauguration a new president in the While house in the Capital hill. like what hapenning in Washington. Every country around world was do. And it will be do it. Further more, every president difficult to find as well as Clinton or first president in the U.S. Called John Washington.


Insubstantial - Lacking substance or reality, Not firm or solid.

Ponderously - derived from the word ponderous - which means having great weight, Lacking grace or fluency; labored and dull.
  1. ponderously - in an uninterestingly ponderous manner; "the play was staged with ponderously realistic sets"
  2. ponderously - in a heavy ponderous manner; "he moves ponderously"
rejuvenated. to restore and renew erosive power
diligence. to accomplish what is undertaken
cryptically. mysterious meaning: hiden secret

Vocab From Hodan Ismail

Enthusiast-a person who is filled with enthusiasm for some principle, pursuit, etc.; a person of ardent zeal: a sports enthusiast

Nightingale-noun-any of several small, Old World, migratory birds of the thrush family, esp. Luscinia megarhynchos, of Europe, noted for the melodious song of the male, given chiefly at night during the breeding season.

Abdulwasi Vocabulary 2

The act or state of subsisting.
A means of subsisting, especially means barely sufficient to maintain life.
Something that has real or substantial existence.
Christianity. Hypostasis.

A supermarket for military personnel and their dependents, usually located on a military installation.
A store where food and equipment are sold, as in a mining camp.
A lunchroom or cafeteria, especially one in a film or television studio.
A person to whom a special duty is given by a higher authority; a deputy.

Vocab from Konstantin

prominence- relative importance.

rejuvenate- to make young again.

Harry Hopkins Journal 2

One of the most important people in the packet was a person who had a lot of experience about managing welfare organization. Harry Hopkins was the most experienced and reliable person to bring people together and achieve a goal that relives their hunger and economic struggle during that difficult time. He cooperated with the government specifically; President Roosevelt to create organization that created or gave the unemployed people a job. One of those groups was Temporary Emergency Relief Administration (TERA). TERA helped 80,000 unemployed people be employed.

grants vocabulary

1) Denizens- inhabitant, or a resident

2) camaraderie- good will and light hearted rapport between or among friends
Egalitarian (adj) - asserting, resulting from, or characterized by belief in the equality of all people, esp. in political, economic, or social life.

Dispatch (v) - to send off or away with speed, as a messenger, telegram, body of troops, etc.
to dismiss (a person), as after an audience.
to put to death; kill: The spy was promptly dispatched.
to transact or dispose of (a matter) promptly or speedily

Journal #2 by Abdi Adan

I thought the most important part in the reading is how President Roosevelt handled the World War veterans who have returned to claim their bonuses from the new administration. President Roosevelt didn’t panic and send the army; instead he welcomed them with open hands and took care of them like a true war veteran should be taken care of. He assigned them to an abandoned army base in Virginia were they received showers, toilets, and even three free meals per day. Even army doctors and dentist were present. Roosevelt opposed the bonuses when the number of veterans exceeded 3,000 and was still growing, but he had other options. Roosevelt offered them jobs in the CCC. Twenty-six hundred accepted once it was clearer that they weren’t receiving any (money) bonuses. The rest took a free ride home. As one veteran said, “Hoover sent the army; Roosevelt sent his wife.”
journal two
ahmed farah
Michea lohre
My favorite is Winds of Chance. It was besting time and bad time when the government chance to the country. There was very great dipation in the U.S. Before president Hoover had took the office. Every body had hopeless and no job. After he came the office, he said to the people, "Government offices and the Cipitol, accutomed to dreary recitations of reasons whey things could notchance, were already filling up with decisive young lawyer and academics." But last time the government had started a long sitting on its hand to hand, i means, helped each other, like to day. In others hand Hoover went to war in Cermeny to helped U.k.

Hodan Ismail

I thought the most thing that was interesting in the passage was when Harry Hopkins was so concern about the people because Roosevelt had alot to do like with the politics, he really didnt have enough time to worry about the jobs. Hopkins wanted to create more jobs for the people. so he had to put alot of money in order to create jobs. so Roosevelt promised that he would give some of the money that was unspend to Hopkins to help create jobs for the people. Hopkins helped the people get jobs with the CWA ( Civil Works Administration). when Roosevelt had approved the CWA, it really helped alot of people because the FERA was not enough for everyone.

journal two

I guess the most intersting thing was the creating Civil works Administration how immediately it help the people. right after the president announced and signed the program people saw heard some good news. less than week later hundreds of thousand of people were at the work and what most people like to see. in about months later large number of were getting paycheck and using their money own money instead of relief. that is the most intersting thing I have seen on the reading.
The part of the reading that I found most interesting was on chapter seven when Roosevelt wanted to create job immediatley to help the sterving people, and all others who need job at the time. He address the delegates and stated that the kind of job that should be created should be some practical job like road and street repair. Instead of starting a big project like creating dams which would benefit the people in some ways but wouldnt create any job. He called it a useless project disguised as relief. The reason why this is so important to me is because it shows that a leader should make good judgement and do what is best for the people.

Journal #2

I thought the most interesting thing was the change of government. The whole government was depressed under Hover's administration and not acting at all, like a factory shutdown. After Roosevelt took office, everything started working again. I like the quote from the book: "The government was no longer sitting on its hands." Also it was very important that Roosevelt had already a plan. He knew what he has to create to make his nation's lives better. He developed all kinds of projects, and was ready for the new life.
When United States was in desperate need of jobs; government created a few organizations that would give people jobs. PWA and CWA were two of them. But i thought it was amazing how PWA had 3.3 billion dollars to spend, but it was not doing its job, and winter was coming so people needed jobs desperately. So Hopkins created CWA. Hopkins, unlike the leader of PWA- Ickes, had only 400 million to spend on creating jobs. But nevertheless he created 4,264,000 jobs. I think that shows that Hopkins was a very smart man, and he helped president Roosevelt alot.

Journal Two from Mike Lohre

The character who I thought was most interesting by far was Harry Hopkins. I really liked this man in some ways, and he's a very complicated person. I was amazed by his concern for the poor. I think his experience when he as a social worker (where he got to see the very poorest people and how they lived) was really important, because he did not judge all poor people as being lazy. He knew that most people do not want free handouts, but they would like to have a job where they can earn money to buy food and things for life. I really loved the respect he had for the poor, and I thought it was remarkable that he took a very low salary to do his job, when he could have had a lot of money working for Macy's. In this respect he is really someone to be admired!

Harry Hopkins

The chapter I choose what number 6. Money flies. The thing that intrigues me is how much Harry Hopkins did to fix the depression and I can’t recall ever hearing his name before now. Not once was he mention in high school. To me after reading it, it seems that he did more than the president did. But then again it could be scud to make is seem that way just too high light how important he was to the reconstruction of our economy. When looking at the whole picture and what the money went to it comes clear that he found the right people for the job like he wanted and carefully gave the money to the right programs. One that comes to mind first is the ccc the civilian conservation corps. When he sent the young men in to the forest to upgrade the national parks, and forests, improve flood control and fight soil erosion.

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vocab from Liban

Wheezing: A whistling noise in the chest during breathing when the airways are narrowed or compressed


hey guys i don't have a vocab word yet, but i'll do it next time.

from faysal

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vocab from farah

Laisser-Faire =laissez faire, laissez passer was the formula into which some of the champions of the cause of liberty compressed their program. Their aim was the establishment of the unhampered market society. In order to attain this end they advocated the abolition of all laws preventing more industrious and more efficient people

Vocab from Hodan

A convoy is a group of vehicles (of any type, but usually motor vehicles or ships) traveling together for mutual support and protection.

Vocab from Maya

InexorablyIn*ex"o*ra*bly\, adv. In an inexorable manner; inflexibly.

Vocab from Sahid

Provocateurs - A secret agent who incites suspected persons to commit illegal acts


Hi every one
groterque -commonly means strange, fantastic, ugly or bizarre


1.inexplicable-- is incapable of being explainable. hard enough to explain
2. bartering-- is to trade goods without getting the exchange of money
my word is impresario
the promoter, manger, or conductor of an opera or concert company
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Vocabulary from Abdulwasi

Definition of the word "Spunk":
1. Informal. Spirit; pluck.
2. Punk, touchwood, or other tinder.
3. Vulgar Slang. Ejaculated semen.

vocabulary and responses

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