Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It was really surprise when the Hurricane happened because the weather forecasters pronounced that the weather is good and people were enjoying lingering and enjoying during their warm seasonal, but unfortunately it was really bad Hurricane as it squeezed between two high-pressure systems of going at sixty mile an hour in south of Atlantic. The condition was too bad and it was getting worse as many people lost their home as the Hurricane reached Connecticut, Rhode island, and Massachusetts with no warning because there no communication as the Hurricane destroyed all the wires of phones, Radio and computers so people couldn’t pass to each other and effected and destroyed all the properties of the Society. The assistance of fire chief said “some of the houses just blew up like feathers.”
Hurricane Katrina’s impact on the economy and infrastructure, because people lose their lives, homes and properties so absolutely it made reduces the
Many different states represent an immediate concern to commercial enterprises,
Such as the policy .Understanding the severity of the damages
And the magnitude of the recovery efforts is important for both private and public
Decision makers and deploying resources in the affected area of making better to insist by given hand and I think that really good activity of Humine rights.

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