Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Journal #2 by Abdi Adan

I thought the most important part in the reading is how President Roosevelt handled the World War veterans who have returned to claim their bonuses from the new administration. President Roosevelt didn’t panic and send the army; instead he welcomed them with open hands and took care of them like a true war veteran should be taken care of. He assigned them to an abandoned army base in Virginia were they received showers, toilets, and even three free meals per day. Even army doctors and dentist were present. Roosevelt opposed the bonuses when the number of veterans exceeded 3,000 and was still growing, but he had other options. Roosevelt offered them jobs in the CCC. Twenty-six hundred accepted once it was clearer that they weren’t receiving any (money) bonuses. The rest took a free ride home. As one veteran said, “Hoover sent the army; Roosevelt sent his wife.”

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