Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Journal Two from Mike Lohre

The character who I thought was most interesting by far was Harry Hopkins. I really liked this man in some ways, and he's a very complicated person. I was amazed by his concern for the poor. I think his experience when he as a social worker (where he got to see the very poorest people and how they lived) was really important, because he did not judge all poor people as being lazy. He knew that most people do not want free handouts, but they would like to have a job where they can earn money to buy food and things for life. I really loved the respect he had for the poor, and I thought it was remarkable that he took a very low salary to do his job, when he could have had a lot of money working for Macy's. In this respect he is really someone to be admired!

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  1. I agree with you completely! I liked how he was different from everyone else, and at first people didn't believe that he would make any changes, they thought that he was only going to waste money. I also liked his attitude, when journalists said that he was only wasting money he replied:" I'm not going to last six month here, so I'll do as I please."