Tuesday, January 27, 2009

journal two from abdow

In chapter nine four million job s
In this chapter talks about how the jobs were created and the CWA helped American people
Hopkins had a conference the governors and mayors to intend and employ for 4 million people who were unemployed within one month so immediately they started jostling coast to coast in town and cities and then they started calling g by the people who were laid off to start drawing up improvement plans
In Massachusetts CWA coordinator called a meeting to explain what projects would be eligible the mayors of Worcester and Lowell walked applications and left the same day with approvals.
And the CWA reviewers processed applications with astonishing speed Indiana had 122 projects approved on November 20 and 109 more than next day so less than a week on November 26 920 projects had been approved for Indiana and 48,500 men were already at work there.
The CWA jobs were rejected tests so everybody applied and the beginning there were more applications than jobs the CWA office in North Carolina took 150,000 applications during the first week in Chicago 70,000 appeared on a single day within two weeks later one million workers were on the payroll and the Bureau of printing and Engraving had to work three shifts to print their checks so everybody who was a jobless at least got something to do and get pay

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