Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When United States was in desperate need of jobs; government created a few organizations that would give people jobs. PWA and CWA were two of them. But i thought it was amazing how PWA had 3.3 billion dollars to spend, but it was not doing its job, and winter was coming so people needed jobs desperately. So Hopkins created CWA. Hopkins, unlike the leader of PWA- Ickes, had only 400 million to spend on creating jobs. But nevertheless he created 4,264,000 jobs. I think that shows that Hopkins was a very smart man, and he helped president Roosevelt alot.


  1. yes, that ickes man was just a very careful person, but when so many people were out of money, he needed to use that money to get people working! it's amazing the difference in speed between him and hopkins. good post!

  2. I thought hopkins did what was neccesery to create and i really do admire him for doing. ya you picked a nice point there.