Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Journal #2

I thought the most interesting thing was the change of government. The whole government was depressed under Hover's administration and not acting at all, like a factory shutdown. After Roosevelt took office, everything started working again. I like the quote from the book: "The government was no longer sitting on its hands." Also it was very important that Roosevelt had already a plan. He knew what he has to create to make his nation's lives better. He developed all kinds of projects, and was ready for the new life.


  1. maya, i agree that Roosevelt's attitude seemed much better. I like what they taught us about the 100 days and that many new ideas were tried. I think the book said that they did 15 new major ideas in the first 100 days of the new president just to try to help people. They did NOT sit on their hands!!!

  2. No one really wants a government that sits on his hands, but it is very important that when a person takes a charge of something they have to commit and bring a new life to the people because without the people there really wouldnt be no need/reason for a government.