Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Journal 8 : Hurricane

This chapter is about the hurricane that occured in the north eastern coast of the U.S, by New York and Rhode Island area. The hurricane was really terrible, the winds traveled at a huge speed, its went from fouty mile to ninty miles per hour in less than two hours. It killed hundreds of people, and about ten thousand loose their homes. Its shocking to know that hurricanes can reach up to the north eastern coast, I thought that hurricanes only affects the gulf coast region.

Hurricane Katrina was the sixth strongest overall hurricanes, concidered to be the most costly and the fifth deadliest hurricane. eighty percent of the state was flooded. Katrina caused the deadliest natural disaster in the us, it causes over 1,800 death. Compared to the one in long island , Katrina is way much worst.

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