Wednesday, March 4, 2009

chapter 9 in the book American-Made was about a hurricane that moved up the side of the east coast and hit the New England states like Rhode island and New York and Massachusetts. the one thing that i was able to take away from this is a relating topic to what i have learned in economics. my teacher in their says that one bad thing can lead to many food things like the hurricane this was able to provide work for 100,000 people with work and more to come. other examples that were given were like divorces, jobs that would come out of this would be like your attorney the judge and other participants that are used in the financial process. it was also an eye opener just to see the stats and the toll that it took on just a few states. the only thing in life time that is relate able is hurricane Katrina. by only hearing about is it seems to just go in and out but to see the information on paper it really opens your eyes to how your day to day life is can be affected. to put the two hurricanes side by side the numbers would be 1,836 lost their lives in Katrina and in 1938's hurricane 682 were lost and 1,700 were injured. also their is the cost of each Katrina cost was 81.2 billion dollars and the hurricane in the book cost only 100 million.

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