Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The hurricane that occurred in New England was very dangerous and destroyed a lot of ground. The hurricane had gone so many amounts of days and kept going reaching other states going from forty miles an hour to almost ninety miles an hour. It had killed several amounts of people. Hurricane Katrina was very sever hurricane that it made the history of the worst hurricane in the United States which occurred in a lot of states but most of all effected New Orleans that most. This hurricane had killed a lot of people and destroyed a lot of homes. So many people have been reported lost and still are. The city it has destroyed had become just one big flood. Until know there are people that are without homes and some that live in trails three years after this hurricane attacked.

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  1. It is really scary, to be in that palce during all of this. When the homes are destroyed there is no one to help you. Even now how many years have passed, but still government did nto help a lot to rebuild people's homes in New Orleans.