Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Journal 8 The Hurricane

The unexpected disaster that struck the coastal residents reminded me of what happen to New Orleans people back in 2005. The only difference was that New Orlean residents had being warned but were ignorant to leave. There was no warning whatsoever in this case and it hit everyone by surprise. Sixty-five-mile-an-hour winds tore through everything in their path including homes, cars, trains and boats. It took the lives of rich and poor alike. The seven children that drowned when the wave swept their school bus were really sad. The interesting thing was the WPA-built seawalls along coastal beaches withstood the storm. Their (WPA) hard work and effort that they put in to some of their structures possibly saved lives.

On the other hand, Hurricane Katrina was far more severe and caused more damage. According to Wikipedia, Katrina precipitated the worst engineering disaster in the history of the United States. Knowing how advanced we are in technology and structural engineering; this was really interesting to know. These two Hurricanes were similar in causing damage and catching people by surprise. In conclusion, this was a heart breaking moment knowing how anything can change from a clear breezy day to a gloomy dark aftermath

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  1. Ya , One thing that struck me the most was that the metrological services ignored the warning that was coming from the other source. Sadly, people enjoyed their day without thinking twice for their life. Unfortunately a lot of people died.