Monday, February 23, 2009

Journal 7 Konstantin Gorodnov

In today's reading I thought that chapter 13, "The American Guides: Idaho Versus Washington, D.C." was very interesting. In this chapter the author talks about the start of the Guide project by the WPA. And it also talks about the competition between Alsberg, who was the head of the Washington, D.C. guide, and Fisher, who was the head of Idaho guide. Fisher had all the odds against him, because he didn't have enough people working for him. He also did not have any workspace, so he ended up doing the most of the work himself. But in the end, against all the odds Fisher finished first. I think that showed how determined Fisher was, because he did most of the work on the guide by himself.

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  1. I liked this chapter two. But I think that Fisher had to give work to his workers two, because those people were paid for working. Maybe he did not even had choice since his workers were totally unskilled.