Wednesday, February 4, 2009

journal four: Inauguration

The president had Resolvers the problem of the depuration and he could do him to spend too much money and he created many works. That was not doubled he did very well, too. He said, “It is not easy.” And he had not spent too money. He had to be care, because did when you had a big responsibility you were ware about what you had done or not and he had passed too money that was his ability.
The president had been friend his mend but they were working together, too. They were called Hopkins. And this man, they had been argued always and he had said, “I am leaving you.” When he did same thing badly too, he had liked to talk about his society. he said, "i will address them with a candor and a decision which presint situation."
his importent speach was too much very good as well as he did address his society nay many ways. he knews this soceity was greater then another and feeling, too. we had must believed him, as a great presindent.

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