Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Actually when I go through and read all the chapters, I got the most important that I interested me. When Fleming who was black active man looking for a part time job to get pay all his needs about concern house hold and many black people were live in poverty they couldn’t even get their diets .he took decision how he can focus on and solve those problems as he explained one of his friend who used to live with him. Fleming was really feeling as he told to his friend and persuaded what he believed about the unbalanced administration. He surveyed the economic and racial because the black people didn’t have confidence at that time so they hated each other of resist cal fells, but really it was not that problem for Americans beside the economy. However, it was really good tried that were made by Eleanor Roosevelt to bring down the racial tension between the white and black. One quote explains that well and that is, " the black people liked Eleanor Roosevelt for her progressive racial views and made meeting both black and white people that invitation was that blacks regularly to the White House." this quotes explains how the Eleanor was trying hard to show that blacks had the same values as the white by inviting them to the White House.

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