Sunday, February 1, 2009


“This is our hour”
I would like to talk about this chapter, “This is our hour” is means, the president did not work very well, because we want to see everyday a new jobs. And we did not see so much works. The president claimed, I did every well and work hard, he told the people, for example he said, “Roosevelt had told him in a note in making the assignment, in view of the steady grind you have had, I think that the sea trip will do you a lot of good,” (page 154) but the society did not believe him. And they always said, “We have got to get everything we want –a works program, social security, wages and hours, everything-now or never. Get your minds to work on developing a complete ticket to provide security for all folk of this country up and down cross the board.” This was said a Maryland, laurel (Page157)

And everybody was needed a jobs, it was bad time the CWA; there have not an enough jobs or they did have at all any jobs. They was not have a society work 1.5 billion people round states. They did not have a good work a first time, the society said again and again; “this is our hour” time to respond to got a work us. Democrats had been responded for the time being. Last options, the Roosevelt had administration, but his administration did not work with congress, he worked own mind, and his wife, too. Further more, the society said too, “the most overwhelming victory in the history of American politics.” (Page 156) the president had fells leadership and creating a jobs as well as he promised to them.

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