Monday, February 23, 2009

journal six

Nick Taylor is talking about researcher of the Thomas C. Fleming. The Fleming is a young man in college student in Berkeley, California. He is talkative man, bright man, and stocky. So, Taylor is adding in Blackman, too. He is working on Pacific Railroads in the Southside and he is making a month $72. When he is twenty-two years old at that time, he is graduated in High school. Then, he is moving San Francisco Bay. And he is getting hired worked in the railroads. Taylor wrote and he said, “How blacks were the group hardest hit by the depression. They talked about the riots that had torn apart Harlem in New York” Taylor 300pg. Taylor is describe this man, he is good man. He is good researches and good read always in the society, he is good working in this job and any time.

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