Wednesday, February 11, 2009

response to the arts program

not much of a response but i can connect to the reading when it talked about the Shakespeare play Macbeth. i read this play in high school and found it very interesting. when i got to the part in the writing about switching locations from the Scottish heath to the Haitian jungle i thought it was a good idea. it would definitely give the story more depth and let the audience connect to it more. the quot from the text that goes along with this is "there would be voodoo priestesses instead of witches around a boiling cauldron and Napoleonic military costuming to replace Elizabethan gowns and tunics."


  1. i agree to what u are saying here. that play is one of his better ones and i am happy to that he changed it in the way he did. good job grant

  2. I read this play in high school too. it very interesting play. but i was wondering how the switching witches to voodoo priestesses will work nicely.