Monday, February 23, 2009

journal seven is a response to chapters 10 to 14. the most responsive chapter i came up with is number 14. the title is layoffs and protests, and in the second paragraph Nick Taylor writes "by 1936 the massive spending that had characterized the new deal since its launch in 1933 had eased the economic crises but no erased it." as anyone should have seen this coming that the new deal plan had to run out of money sooner or later would have to confront the problem of lack of money and the need to lay off workers. which is ironically cause that was the reason the deal was started, to employee people not fire them. then later on in the reading it comes to mention that Roosevelt had to cut the WPA by 25 percent one Federal One by a third. then it talked about the layoffs and how 2,000 arts workers received pink slips in just new york alone. odiously this is the beginning of the end for the new deal, as it slowly starts to close its doors. they are starting to turn people away.

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