Wednesday, February 18, 2009

journal six

If I discuss little bit about the art, we learned so many different things since we started learning about how the arts began and speared out the whole nation.
The most interesting of art to me is that the theater projects because the artists began to show up in the theaters in the first time in the history to allow people such as students in high schools and colleges to entertain these shows something different and also advertise for the business products and it was really good though, also it was really cheaper and everybody could afford to pay that money which was less very cheaper to compare right now.
The art provided to society for painting value and it is very important to give children and everybody Americans an opportunity to learn about the painting or create art because painting plays big role in the society and helps everybody to provide or draw and paint for his own skills by just watching or even thinking about it, so if we will not know how to do painting we will not be able to draw or create something to using our own knowledge , also will not be able to produce or develop something that we use now and really very important rule for human life.
In this case, the society able to provide painting that is very attract full and makes beautiful for the Businesses, Magazines, and Museums.

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