Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Journal Five Abdulwasi

The perception of art in 1930’s in politicians eye wasn’t seen as an important project to solve the economy. It’s was just seen as an entertainment. However, Art is something that any human being wouldn’t ignore and affects all human beings emotions and feeling toward any subject in life. Therefore, if the art is used to express the feeling and emotions of people, it would motivate the labors and everybody who sees or hears it to work hard and achieve a goal that would eventually take the country out of economical crisis.


  1. The politicians aslo failed to realize that this was the time just after the roaring twenties when art was at its uprising. I dont see anything wrong with creating art projects at this time. The art project would actually have two benefits to American people, first it was going to create jobs, which people needed at the time; secondly it was going to promoting the art, which was becoming very popular before the economy collapsed.

  2. Art was not suppose to solve the economy, but to give people work. As I remember from previous readings, the first task of government and WPA was to give people jobs, becuase they need to eat now. Artists very abused at first, and it's been always like that. People never think that art as important even nowdays. Art suppose to entartain people, ispire them. Even from history class I remmeber reading that people during gerat depression years would go to the cinema to watch Hollywood movies, in order to feel this glamour of life and for a minute forget about their problems, and misery.