Sunday, February 1, 2009

Konstantin Gorodnov

The main idea in the reading, is still creating jobs for people in need and making social security work, because most of the older people had no income and government wasn't helping them at all. President Roosevelt asks Hopkins to work on creating jobs. The thing that stood out to me the most; was the way people treated President Roosevelt. They seemed to love him! And i think that he earned the respect and admiration from these people. He was really making the difference in the hard time like this. It wasn't just regular people that liked him, but mostly everyone in the government seemed to admire him. Here is an example of that :" Three-quarters of the seats were taken by Democrats. They spilled across the aisle and pushed the Republicans into an island of glum silence while they interrupted him repeatedly with applause and shouts of support. Even conservative Democrats, no fans of the New Deal, could count votes, they had absorbed the lesson, the CWA had taught them; jobs were popular."

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  1. I was surprised the how the Democratic Party took both house and senate since they are not doing better job than Republican Party