Sunday, February 1, 2009


In 1935, it was an election; there were a new congress and new house speaker and vice president all of them. They were decided a new law to saved to the society, and they had protected the government money, because some people have being a billions, some of them were died angry or some of them did have any work at all. They did think about that issues, how to saved to the people. Again, they were decided, how was everybody found a new job in everywhere. The new house speaks called Joseph W. He said the new law, “Constitution wisely provides that the chief executive shall report to the Congress on the state of the union.”(Page 160) They had thought for word and to created provide a businesses privet and public. Further more, The CWA had been too created since they had a popular to fulfills they had jobs. And they had to report to federal government. “The federal government must and shall quit this business of relief,” After the federal decided must have got a new work, the federal again, to created five billion jobless to got a work.

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